Muerte a los flamencos

I collaborate with my boyfriend’s brother Cris on a lot of artwork, which is tons of fun, but I recently moved on to another Kirkwood. The lovely Cat is a talented artist herself, and while she certainly doesn’t need me, I sure did enjoy making this piece.

The background is an image of the Arizona desert that I took while trekking about last year. The sky is actually shot from an airplane, probably on my way to Arizona. Doesn’t it look upside down? It will now. The wildebeest and the ostrich are pictures I took at some nature preserve here in Texas (while I was with Cat). Flamingos are from SeaWorld (again, while with Cat, and don’t go there!). The leaves are from my backyard. The dead roses are from my sweet Mom (they were alive when she gave them to me). The basket, rope, and body of the girl, ripped off manipulation from I don’t remember. Annnnnnnnd, the head of the girl is the wicked cool drawing by Cat. It’s a pen and ink drawing that I filled in with Photoshop. There you have it, another Butler/Kirkwood collaboration.