I was hoping to write a real piece on this band but a show review will do. I brought Greg along with me once again to do my dirty work, like hold my cameras while I pee, oh and write the story.

By the time it was the day of the show we knew our editor only wanted a show review so that’s all we focused on.

Had we been approved to get more detail I would have loved to have stepped backstage and pick these guys’ brains. They have an interesting story for sure and as lively as their shows.

I’ll have to save that for later though. In the meantime, here’s what was posted.


Emos 4/18/2014

Emos 4/18/2014

Dumstaphunk-jbutler_20140418_0216 Dumstaphunk-jbutler_20140418_0257 Dumstaphunk-jbutler_20140418_0289 Dumstaphunk-jbutler_20140418_0382 Dumstaphunk-jbutler_20140418_0467 Dumstaphunk-jbutler_20140418_0490


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