Going to the desert

Actually I went to the desert and it was amazing. It wasn’t my first time but it was most memorable. Probably because I turned 30 while I was there or maybe because I really wanted to go and I made it happen. Last time I found my self being aimlessly driven around Arizona I didn’t know what to expect which made it magical but without intent. Anyway I could describe every crevice of beauty in the desert but my words wouldn’t do it justice and neither will these pictures but it’ll give a little taste of what’s out there.

The journey started in Phoenix and on to Scottsdale where I entered a 70 mile dirt trail through the desert and was spit out just south of Prescott. Spent the night there in some super old hotel that felt more like a bed and breakfast, quaint and over priced. Woke up and traveled through Jerome on our way to see the Tuzigoot Indian ruins. Stayed there for a bit before having lunch in Sedona and before I decided to live a life of solitude, drove back to Phoenix to catch a plane back to Austin.

_MG_0526 _MG_0538 _MG_0600 _MG_0639 _MG_0641 _MG_0646 _MG_0660 _MG_0665-2 _MG_0666 _MG_0671-2 _MG_0677


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